Gun Refinishing, Gun Rebluing & Gun Finishes.

Ron's Gun Shop has been a leader in firearm rebluing and restoration for decades. We offer Hot Bluing, Rust Bluing, and Cerakoting for all firearms both new and old, vintage and modern alike. Providing factory style refinishing/rebluing or "as perfect" restorations for your firearms.

When it comes to firearm rebluing and refinishing there are a couple of different ways you can go. You can either choose to have it refinished in the exact manner as when it left the factory, or you can select your desired metal finishes to get the custom firearm you always wanted.

Metal Finishing For Your Firearms

Offering the very best in both old style metal finishing (blueing), alongside new Cerakote finishes.

We don't just provide gun and firearm restoration, we also provide metal finishing for your polished parts.

Types Of Metal Finishing

Hot bluing. The go-to standard for over a century. Hot bluing is one of the best traditional metal finishes for almost any type of bluing requirements.

The appearance can be altered to facilitate almost any kind of "look" one would like to achieve. By altering the degree and grade polishing both surface reflection and color can be manipulated to however one wants. From glass like shiny black, to a nice "bluish" color & polish , to a soft satin black. It's all possible.

Rust bluing. This finish is a favorite that has been with us even longer than hot blue finishing. Rust bluing or slow rust bluing as it is often called is almost always a more durable finish in terms of wear compared to hot blue. It has been the standard for all double gun barrels and anything that has soft soldered ribs.

As with the hot blue process, rust bluing can also be altered to fit a particular type of bluing requirement. Examples of this would be how Winchester 21 barrels were finished differently than say an 1886 Winchester barrel. The Model 21 barrels exhibit a more refined deep black appearance compared to a typical barrel. Or, Best English Blacking being different than a standard rust blue for a double gun. It also must be stated that slow rust blue is almost always the most sought after finish for any custom rifle build, the quality of this finish is just "right" for the job.

Cerakoting. The new finishes seem to really divide the camps on what looks good on firearms. After all, there is the whole tradition "thing". But, when one wants to get technical about this, there's just no denying how good this metal finish is. In terms of wear and corrosion resistance it is superior to most other finishes, and the choice of color is endless. There are many applications where the old and new compliment each other very well. Especially where alloys are used, Cerakote is the perfect compliment to a great bluing job. They really do work well together.

Shipping Us Your Gun.

As always use the shipping provider you feel most comfortable with. They all deliver to us so the choice is yours. Please be aware that shipping firearms is becoming more and more burdensome for the shipper. It's best that you fully understand the requirement for shipping a firearm as it pertains to both Federal and State laws.

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Lets Talk

Firearms restoration and refinishing is extremely unique for each gun as well as each customer. Therefore, to get the best answers for your questions we welcome you to give us a call and discuss your project. We can provide a better estimate for costs and turn-around time with a quick conversation. As always email is welcome also, although it may be a bit slower response time.