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Upgrading and building custom rifles, shotguns, pistols, and revolvers. The sky is the limit and only your imagination is the limiting factor. Below are just some common examples, because of the limitless combinations that can be employed we could never cover everything in writing, although we can build it for you!

A strict, factory correct restoration is a pretty cut and dry situation. Everything possible is restored to factory specs including metal finishes, wood selection and finish, etc.

A factory correct restoration with upgrades. Here we restore all the metal to factory specs, but will generally include customer requested features. Some examples are wood figure and or species upgrades, like using a nice blank of English Walnut, Claro, etc., converting a straight grip to a pistol grip, adding checkering or upgrading an existing checkering pattern. Replacing worn out original barrels with new barrels for antique guns, caliber conversions, barrel length, weight, taper, half octagon/round changes are also quite common as well.

Full on custom guns. Here is where imagination is really the only limiting factor. Some examples are engraving from entry level to complete coverage. Re-sculpting actions on Double Guns and Rifles. Custom stocking configurations and checkering patterns. Combinations of any and all types of metal finishes.

New Barrels vs other alternatives. Why use a new barrel when re-boring and re-lining are two other solutions to the common problem of having an old rifle with a bad barre?. Both are OK fixes, but I feel that neither really address the problems a shooter wants corrected. Mainly, the advantages of the ability to use jacketed ammo with no worries, maintaining the correct rifling depth that your firearm was manufactured with, and the benefit of modern steel alloys! Those old barrels are really soft! Our new barrels offer the advantages of modern alloying, heat-treating, and stress-relieving techniques to correct that. Liners are only .0025 in groove depth and button rifled, while original barrels are generally .004 in depth and cut rifled. And most importantly, accuracy!!! Our new barrels are accurate. MOA @ 100 yd's. from a rest is easily possible.

As you can see, the combinations are limitless. RGS is capable of offering anything you can think of. We are not bound by limitations. Each custom gun is Bespoke, and specifically yours. If you have an idea you would like to pursue, please feel free to contact us.


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